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Austin Air Balancing Corporation was incorporated in Texas in 1984 as an independent, environmental system testing, adjusting, and balancing agency. We have been certified by the Associated Air Balance Council in air hydronic balancing and sound and vibration testing since 1990.

Our experience includes providing presentations to industry associations, 24 published articles in technical journals and magazines, and giving expert testimony in HVAC related law suits. Troubleshooting HVAC system performance, system commissioning, indoor air quality assessment, forensic testing of failed HVAC systems and components, the role of HVAC in mold and mildew contamination, certification of smoke control and abatement systems, bio-hazard and fume hood testing and certification, duct leakage testing and certification, package rooftop systems, multizone systems, ground loop and condenser water systems, fume scrubbers, carbon absorption units and incinerators, process and manufacturing equipment, pumping systems, chillers, cooling towers, pneumatic, electric, and digital control system calibration and commissioning.



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